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Trips and Slips

Trips, Slips and Falls

This type of accident can happen in a public place or at work. It can be caused for example by a defect on a pavement or a slip on a wet surface. Circumstances are different in every case so call us to discuss your possible claim.

The most common causes of these kinds of accidents are defective pavement surfaces such as broken flagstones, objects raised from the pavement surface or the pavement itself just being uneven. In this circumstance it is likely that the local Council will be at fault for this. Slipping accidents most commonly occur in the workplace, maybe when a floor has been mopped but there are no warning signs, or maybe when there has been a spillage or leak in a shop that the Claimant has slipped on.

Your solicitor needs to prove that you were injured due to the fault of another party, whether fully or partially, some fault needs to be found on the defendant’s part. The defect needs to have a height of around 1 inch or more to make it potentially actionable.

What to do in the event of a slipping/tripping accident

If you can, try to take photographs of the location where you tripped or of the object which caused your trip. It is handy, although not always easy to do, to measure what you tripped over. For example if you are walking on a pavement and a flag stone is protruding, or maybe your foot goes into a pothole, and there are no warnings signs, try to measure this and take a picture of the tape measure against the defect. We appreciate that a tape measure is not always to hand so other objects have been known to come in handy, for example, a stick of chewing gum!

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In the instance of a slipping accident, it is useful to obtain pictures at the scene of an accident. Nowadays it is beneficial to do it on your mobile phone. If the establishment in which you slip does not have CCTV evidence that we can obtain, it’s important to have your own pictures as spillages on floors don’t stay around for long! Contact us for a free consultation by calling our 24/7 accident helpdesk free on 0800 0357 770 or fill out our enquiry form.

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