Leg Injury Compensation Claims

HDP Solicitors has a team of professional compensation solicitors who pursue successful leg injury/accident claims. We operate throughout the UK. If you have sustained a leg injury in a an accident at work, in a public place or on the road then HDP specialist solicitors can help you claim back the damages you deserve.

Please use the below information and amounts as a approximate guide to the level of damages that could be recovered on winning your ‘no win no fee’ leg injury claim.

If you would like to receive more information regarding a leg injury compensation claim then contact our specialist leg injury solicitors today.

Orthopaedic Injuries – Legs

Injuries to Pelvis and Hips
InjuryGuideline award
Severe extensive fractures of the pelvis involving other significant complications such as a ruptured bladder which cause substantial residual difficulties £50,000 to £83,500
Injuries a little less severe than above but with particular distinguishing features such as impotence £39,000 to £50,000
Other severe injuries (many fall into this category) such as fracture of an arthritic femur or hip resulting in hip replacement £25,000 to £33,500
Significant injury to pelvis or hip with any disability not being major in nature £17,000 to £25,000
Injuries of limited severity but where successful hip replacement has taken place or replacement may be necessary in the near future £8,000 to £17,000
Lesser injuries where despite significant injury there is little or no residual disability £2,500 to £8,000
Minor injuries with complete recovery Up to £2,500
InjuryGuideline award
Total loss of both legs £205,420 to £240,590
Below-knee amputation of both legs £171,920 to £230,440
Above-knee amputation of one leg £89,440 to £117,280
Below-knee amputation of one leg £83,590 to £113,450
Severe Leg Injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Most serious injuries short of amputation such as fractures which have not united and extensive bone grafts have been required £82,110 to £115,940
Very serious leg injuries leading to problems with mobility, permanent need for crutches or perhaps serious deformity £46,780 to £77,040
Serious injuries to joints or ligaments resulting in instability and prolonged treatment plus other issues £33,450 to £46,780
Moderate leg injuries such as complicated fractures influenced by time off work, muscle wasting and unsightly scarring for example £23,680 to £33,450
Less Serious Leg Injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Fractures from which an incomplete recovery is made leaving person with a metal implant or perhaps a limp £15,320 to £23,680
Simple fracture of a femur with no damage to articular surfaces £7,780 to £12,010
Simple fractures to Tibia or Fibula or soft tissue injuries Up to £10,100
Knee Injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Severe serious knee injury with disruption to the joint, gross ligament damage, lengthy treatment and considerable pain and loss of function £59,490 to £82,080
Leg fracture extending into the knee joint causing constant permanent pain and limiting movement £44,470 to £59,490
Less severe injuries than above but continuing pain, limitation of movement or perhaps deformity £22,340 to £37,070
Moderate injuries involving dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus £12,650 to £22,340
Less serious injuries than above including lacerations, twisting and bruising Up to £11,730
Ankle injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Very severe injuries with extensive soft tissue damage resulting in deformity and possible amputation £42,710 to £59,480
Severe injuries needed extensive treatment including lengthy periods in plaster or where pins and plates have been required. Severely limited ability to walk £26,710 to £42,710
Moderate injuries such as fractures and ligament tears with less serious disabilities £11,730 to £22,680
Modest injuries such as minor undisplaced fractures, sprains and ligament damageWhere recovery is within a year Up to £11,730
Achilles Tendon
InjuryGuideline award
Most serious injuries involving severance of the tendon and the muscle causing cramp, swelling and restricted ankle movement In the region of £32,780
Serious injury where the division of the tendon has been repaired but weakness, limited movement, limping and scarring have resulted £21,320 to £25,670
Moderate injury involving complete division of the tendon but repair has left no significant disability £10,750 to £17,970
Minor injury such as turning on the ankle causing some tendon damage £6,200 to £10,750

Foot Injury Compensation Claims

Injuring a foot is quite common following a fall. So if you’ve fallen in a public place or at work or injured your foot in any other accident and it wasn’t your fault HDP Solicitors can help secure you compensation for your injury. Our specialist team will be able to support and advise you throughout – from the first stages, through to medical evidence, right up to the point where you receive your cheque. We will do all of this on a no win no fee basis so you know you won’t have to put your hand in your own pocket to fund anything. We’ll even seek to recover any wage losses and other expenses you may have already incurred.
However you’ve received your foot injury, if you weren’t at fault then HDP Solicitors can help. You can see below some of the amounts people have been receiving for foot injuries. These are not guaranteed figures but give you an idea what you could be entitled to if you have a valid claim.
Why not contact one of the team today and we can give you professional and friendly advice about your foot injury.

Foot Injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Amputation of both feet £144,520 to £171,920
Amputation of one foot £71,640 to £93,540
Very severe foot injuries causing permanent and severe pain or really serious permanent disability £71,640 to £93,540
Severe fractures of both heels or feet with a substantial restriction on mobility or considerable/permanent pain. Unusually severe injuries to one foot will also apply £35,810 to £59,730
Serious foot injuries such as grievous burns to both feet requiring multiple operations and leaving scars and persistent irritation £21,320 to £33,450
Moderate foot injuries such as displaced metatarsal fracture resulting in permanent deformity and continuing symptoms £11,730 to £21,320
Modest injuries including simple metatarsal fractures, ruptured ligaments and puncture wounds with ongoing symptoms Straightforward injuries as above with a full (or near full) recovery is made Up to £11,730

Toe Injury Compensation Claims

Injuring a toe or toes can be very painful and can lead to serious difficulties of mobility. If you’ve injured a toe or toes in an accident that wasn’t your fault then HDP Solicitors can help. Perhaps you work on a building site and some faulty equipment led to something heavy falling on your foot, or maybe you broke a toe or toes in a fall in a public place. Whatever the circumstances we can give you the help and advice and you need to make a claim for compensation.
You can see below the sort of settlement you may be entitled to for a toe injury, of course these are not guaranteed as every case is dealt with on its own merits.
If you think you have a genuine claim for your toe injury then give HDP a call today.

Toe Injuries
InjuryGuideline award
Amputation of all toes £31,150 to £47,830
Amputation of great toe In the region of £26,710
Severe toe injuries falling short of amputation £11,730 to £17,970
Serious toe injuries with some permanent disability, pain or sensitive scarring £8,190 to £11,730
Moderate toe injuries Up to £8,190

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The figures shown are sourced from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases (fifteenth Edition, 2019) are a guide to show the approximate amount you could receive as compensation for your injury.

Compensation awards vary according to the severity of injury and how quickly you recover. The figures do not apply for criminal injuries.