Abdomen Injuries- Personal Injury Guideline Amounts

HDP Solicitors are here to help with personal injury claims made after accidents on the road, at work or in a public place where abdomen injuries have been sustained. HDP build successful, abdomen injury claims throughout the UK on a no win no fee basis.

The below figures and information are to be used as a guide towards the compensation claims amount you could be awarded if your abdomen injury claim is successful.

If you would like to get a more accurate potential figure or want more information about the process of claiming from a professional abdomen injury solicitor then please contact us.

Internal Organs – Abdomen

Reproductive System – Male
InjuryGuideline award
Total impotence and loss of sexual function and sterility in a young man In the region of £126,550
Impotence likely to be permanent in a middle-aged man with children £36,700 to £66,890
Serious case of sterility Up to £120,040
Bottom of the range case of sterility in a much older man £16,000
Uncomplicated case of sterility without impotence and any aggravating features for a young man without children £47,830 to £60,880
Similar case to above but with a family man who might have intended to have more children £20,210 to £26,710
Cases where sterility amounts to little more than an “insult” In the region of £5,630

Reproductive System – Female

The level of the awards in this area will typically be affected by:

A) Whether or not the affected woman already has children and/or whether the intended family was complete

B) Scarring

C) Depression or psychological scarring

D) Whether a foetus was aborted

Reproductive System – Female
InjuryGuideline award
Infertility (by injury or disease) with severe depression, anxiety, pain and scarring £98,010 to £144,520
Infertility without any medical complication where the woman already has children £15,320 to £31,350
Infertility where the woman would not have had children in any event (e.g. due to age)£5,630 to £10,750
Failed sterilisation leading to unwanted pregnancy with no serious psychological impact or depression In the region of £8,700
Digestive System
InjuryGuideline award
Damage resulting from traumatic injury causing severe damage with continuing pain and discomfort £36,700 to £52,810
Serious non-penetrating injury causing long-standing or permanent complications £14,320 to £23,680
Penetrating stab wounds or industrial laceration or serious seat-belt pressure cases £5,630 to £10,750
Illness/damage resulting from non-traumatic injury (e.g. food poisoning). Serious Toxicosis causing serious acute pain and other symptoms requiring hospital admission for days/weeks with continuing issues having a significant impact on work and enjoyment of life £32,780 to £44,790
Serious but short-lived food poisoning diminishing over two to four weeks but with remaining discomfort and disturbance impacting on enjoyment of life over a few years £8,140 to £16,380
Food poisoning causing significant discomfort requiring hospital admission for a few days with symptoms lasting weeks but complete recovery within a year or two £3,370 to £8,140
Varying degrees of pain and other symptoms continuing for a few days or weeks £780 to £3,370
InjuryGuideline award
Serious or permanent damage to or loss of both kidneys £144,520 to £179,530
Significant risk of future urinary tract infection or other total loss of natural kidney function Up to £54,600
Loss of one kidney with no damage to the other £26,260 to £38,280
InjuryGuideline award
Cases involving double incontinence namely total loss of natural bowel function and complete loss of urinary function and control, together with other medical complications Up to £157,150
Total loss of natural function and dependence on colostomy, depending on age Up to £128,060
Faecal urgency and passive incontinence persisting after surgery and causing embarrassment and distress, typically following injury giving birth In the region of £68,180
Severe abdominal injury causing impairment of function, requiring temporary colostomy and/or restriction on employment and diet £38,040 to £59,490
Penetrating injuries causing some permanent damage but with a return to natural function and control £10,750 to £20,880
InjuryGuideline award
Complete loss of function and control Up to £120,040
Serious impairment of control with some pain and incontinence £54,600 to £68,190
Almost complete recovery but fairly long-term interference with natural function £19,980 to £26,710
Cancer risk cases occupy a special category – an example for a typical middle-aged family man or woman whose life expectancy is reduced by 15 or 20 years £44,110 to £64,990
InjuryGuideline award
Loss of spleen with continuing risk of infection and other disorders due to the damage to the immune system £17,740 to £22,440
As above but where the risks are not present or are minimal £3,710 to £7,380
InjuryGuideline award
Continuing pain and/or limited physical activities, sport or employment after repair £12,700 to £20,620
Direct (where there was no pre-existing weakness) inguinal hernia, with some risk or recurrence after repair £5,980 to £7,780
Uncomplicated indirect inguinal hernia, possibly repaired, with no other associated damage £2,900 to £6,170

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The figures shown are sourced from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases (fifteenth Edition, 2019) are a guide to show the approximate amount you could receive as compensation for your injury.

Compensation awards vary according to the severity of injury and how quickly you recover. The figures do not apply for criminal injuries.